The Myth of the Golden Gut

Imagine you have a skill so rare and so valuable that companies will pay tremendous amounts of money for access to your talent. They’ll go to great lengths to win you over because your extraordinary abilities can bring riches to your company, accolades to your boss, and thrills to your shareholders.

Because they–and you—believe you have […]

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Our Crooked Career Paths

When I was a junior in high school, my classmates and I were told to start thinking about our college majors, and by extension, our careers. We got personality tests, aptitude tests and earnest advice.

So, we thought, that must be how it works: you figure out what you like to do, you find a career […]

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Fear Not

When a team respects their manager, the work is better, the environment is more productive and there are fewer distractions, like dealing with HR issues and petty personal conflicts. So why do so many managers cling to the old-fashioned notion that employees should fear them rather than work to earn the respect of their teams?

Just […]

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