Why Are Your Employees Angry?

We’ve heard the slogans: “People are our most important asset.” “We want to be an employer of choice.”

And we know most companies fall far short of those aspirations, for lots of reasons.

Sometimes, it’s because their leaders say the words but really don’t understand why they should have an engaged workforce. To them, it seems like […]

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The War on Workers

Some companies and their employees are going through tough times right now. In some cases, it’s become so bad people refer to companies as “at war” with employees.

Imagine that.

It’s like an auto-immune disorder in which the mechanisms designed to keep the body healthy attack it instead.

The company’s leadership needs employees in order for the business […]

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Manage Like You Live Next Door

As a manager, your job is pretty straightforward: make sure the people on your team do their work as well and as efficiently as possible.

Good managers accomplish this by putting their team members first, keeping their focus on the business (not on their own ego), communicating honestly and frequently, rewarding success, and publicly promoting their […]

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Got Any Bright Ideas?

Do you feel pressure to come up with new ideas?

Things change so quickly these days, it seems we need new ideas and fresh thinking just to survive. We need to understand how our customers are changing. Will they still need us a year from now? What should we do to our products, distribution, or marketing […]

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Our Crooked Career Paths

When I was a junior in high school, my classmates and I were told to start thinking about our college majors, and by extension, our careers. We got personality tests, aptitude tests and earnest advice.

So, we thought, that must be how it works: you figure out what you like to do, you find a career […]

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