The Quiz for Managers

Take the quiz to see if you are a jerk manager!

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True or false: employees will respect you more if they fear you a little bit.

Learn the difference between fear, respect, and love - and which is more effective - when you read “Don’t Be a Jerk Manager”

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True or false: threatening insubordination helps keep employees in line.

See why charging employees with insubordination can make you look weak and ineffective

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One thing you must do as a manager is:

You’ll find out what it takes to earn your team’s respect and why that’s so important when you read “Don’t Be A Jerk Manager”

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Which one of these things do most management training programs fail to teach?

Few management training programs actually teach you how to manage - that’s why “Don’t Be a Jerk Manager” is essential reading for managers.

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The best reason to give employees very little information is:

Read “Don’t Be a Dick Manager” to find out how the right kind of communication makes your team feel valued and helps you earn their respect

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The best reason not to communicate with your boss too often is:

Read “Don’t Be a Jerk Manager” to figure out what kind of boss you have and how to build trust and respect through skillful communication

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