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Take the quiz to see if you have a jerk manager!

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Which of the following describes your manager?

Read “Don’t Be a Jerk Manager” to see how good managers engage their employees and earn their team’s respect

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Which of these scenarios best describes your first day on the job?

“Don’t Be a Jerk Manager” shows how making a great first impression with a new employee sets them up for success

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When you do go above and beyond, how does your manager react?

Read “Don’t Be a Jerk Manager” to see how great managers inspire and reward great work

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Which of the following best describes your team?

Discover how teams run by jerk managers are so troubled and why it’s much more rewarding to work for a great manager

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Which of these things has your manager said to you?

Read “Don’t Be a Jerk Manager” to find out why lousy managers say things like this, what it means, and what you can do about it

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When my manager has meetings with the team, they:

"Don’t Be a Jerk Manager" helps managers keep meetings focused and productive so people leave them feeling good about their jobs

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